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I'm a stripper, phone sex operator, and webcam model. I'm pansexual, submissive, and perverted. I'm not your average female. Imagine Wednesday Addams, Daria, Liz Lemon, and Darlene Conner had an orgy. I'm the result.

I mainly write about the sex industry, sexual fetishes, and occasionally, my personal life. Wanna know more about me? Keep coming back!

  1. Crickets? WTF?

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    In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s been a lot of cricket talk on my social media stuff. Approximately 65,028 people have asked some variation of “what’s up with the crickets”… So here’s your fucking answer. If it bores you, just don’t read it. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. But don’t even think about commenting with a question until you read the FAQ at the bottom. Don’t be that guy.

    Once upon a time, I met a dude on OKCupid. We hung out and got some coffee and talked about what we were doing with our lives. My main job was dancing and camming. He was a very active member of the local kink community and we had several (exceptionally amazing) Facebook friends in common. We totally hit it off and we’ve been great friends ever since. If you were expecting a great love story or a Christian Grey-esque storyline, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I have, however, bathed him when he threw his back out. Because I am a great friend, and sometimes, a penis is just a penis.

    When I was a kid (six, actually) my mom sat me, my sister, and my cousins down and forced us all to watch The Nightmare on Elm Street series. I’m sure a child molester slash murderer wasn’t exactly appealing to me as a child, but I didn’t find it scary. Instead, I had panic attacks about seemingly petty bullshit (at the time, that’s what I was told) like global warming and running out of water. That being said, I’ve always been pretty anti-waste and yay environment and all that happy bullshit.

    Back to that boy I met… Well, he ran away and started a farm. Remember how I said I’m a great friend? Well I believe in what they’re doing so much that I started eating crickets. Just for frame of reference, I wouldn’t even eat spaghetti as a kid. I didn’t even try Taco Bell or Subway until I was a junior in high school. (Shoutout to my Hardees crew from Boo!)

    So anyways, my friends raise crickets for human consumption. It’s a very new start-up. In a nutshell, crickets are a much more efficient (environmentally and nutritionally) than most livestock. As our droughts in the US affect grazing and farmlands, we are going to be scraping to find sources of protein to feed our growing population. Yeah, I get that it sounds gross, but we aren’t talking about eating a live cricket, or even a whole cricket. Most people grind them up into a flour or powder. You can make cookies or throw a scoop into a smoothie for a protein boost.


    You can’t taste them at all, and the powder smells like ground nuts.

    They taste like deep fried popcorn in the best possible way.

    They eat organic chicken feed. Fun fact: Crickets will take on the flavor of whatever you feed them.

    My friends’ farm is Big Cricket Farms.


  2. Word Wednesday – Hucow

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    Every once in a while, I stumble upon an obscure fetish that truly surprises me. I’m sure there’s someone out there researching this right now, but there isn’t much information out there on “typical” female fetishes. It’s just not something that we talk about as a culture, at least not here in the US. Women here are generally viewed as sexually conservative (not always the case, of course) and, in the parlance of our times, “Haus Fraus”.

    So when I happened upon this term, I was intrigued. In a nutshell, the term “Hucow” is a term used to describe a female with a milking fetish. As in.. being hooked up to a milking machine (or a breast pump) for the purpose of breeding and a constant source of milk. As you may have imagined, “hucow” is a combination of the words ‘human’ and ‘cow’.

    Think about where your creamer came from this morning, and thank a dairy farmer. And your baby mama.


  3. Rain Forests & WrestleMania 31!

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    I’ve been quiet for the past month or two, sorry! I’ve been in a bad flare for the past two months, but I’m finally better, for the most part. It’s like I start with a sinus infection and then get all sorts of other fun viruses, and by the time I’m healthy again, two or three months has passed. I’m also taking a much-needed vacation to the Central American rain forest. I’ll take lots of bikini pictures and hopefully I don’t end up with SARS or something.

    Last month I shot with a photographer (who shall remain nameless) based out of Phoenix. After eight long hours of shooting, I have several “new” photo sets, one with Click1 Photography. I managed to burn through most of my body fat during my last flare, so I need to have new photos taken… again. In honor of the Packers winning the NFC Central today, I’ve included some Packer pics!

    I’ve been invited to WrestleMania 31 as Dave Herro’s date. Shenanigans will be had at the Kevin Nash Shenanigans party. Get your tickets here if you want to hang out with me and Al Snow and Thea Trinidad. I’ll also be hanging around WrestleCon Saturday, March 28th. Follow my Twitter and Snapchat for play-by-play updates!


  4. What Happened to Snapchat?

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    EDIT: Gibson haXXXored. My new ID is dominodamoisell. Yes, dominodamoisell, with no e. It got cut off and it’s the only one I can get to work.

    As you’ve all noticed, all the models that post nudes to Snapchat had their accounts terminated yesterday. Here’s my guess as to what prompted this mass exodus:

    Snapchat recently partnered with Square, a low-cost payment processing option here in the United States. The point of the partnership was to allow friends to have no excuse not to pay each other back. Unfortunately, these two apps are used for vastly difference purposes. Everyone knows the whole point of Snapchat was for sexting. If you think otherwise, you’re incredibly naive.

    As a webcam model that’s all too familiar with how the adult industry works here in the United States, I know that Square isn’t an adult-friendly payment processor. So why the fuck would the two partner, knowing that a huge percentage of their users were violating the terms of use?

    That being said, Snapchat went after their most popular accounts (all models that post nudes) and that included my account. I won’t be making another one. There isn’t really an exact replacement for Snapchat (yet) but you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Shots, Skout, and Vine.

    For now, just find me on Clipchat, it’s the most like Snapchat. But there’s a bug with iPhone users not being able to see photos… so there’s that.

    Twitter: @SilkenFloss
    Clipchat: dominoxxx

    Instagram: @DominoDamoiselle
    Shots: dominoxxx
    Skout: dominoxxx
    Tumblr: dominodamoiselle

  5. How to Annoy Me

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    Since I’m such a cynical, pessimistic cunt, and since 99% of people annoy me within seconds of speaking, I figured I should give everyone a heads up as to how to annoy me. Yes, I realize that posting something like this is bound to encourage the exact behavior I’m trying to avoid, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re going to annoy me anyways. It helps if you read anything I write in the voice of Daria or Darlene Conner. I promise there’s humor in everything I say. I’m not a total raging bitch. Unless I don’t like you.

    Make rash assumptions about me based on my career.
    Just because I’m a dancer doesn’t mean I’m stupid, desperate, lonely, or a bad person. I’m not. However, the stripper with daddy issues stereotype is on point.

    Beg for freebies.
    This includes asking for nudes, videos, or cam shows. I do Snapchat shoutouts under special circumstances, though, so feel free to plead your case via email! Make it entertaining, please.

    Ask me a million unsolicited, anonymous questions that have already been answered before.
    This includes, but isn’t limited to, questions about my tits and Snapchat, or my favorite sex position. It’s doggystyle, now don’t ask again! This is what the FAQ page is for!

    Do that high pitched squeal that girls do when they’re excited to see each other.
    Or when they’re talking unnecessarily loudly at each other about inconsequential bullshit in public. Newsflash: No one wants to hear about your cute new outfit. Just wear it and look pretty, spare us the details.

    Stand too close to me. 
    Unless you know me really well, there’s a three foot bubble rule. Exceptions made if we’re somewhere crowded. Otherwise, keep your distance, Liberace.

    Say things like “you’re too pretty to be doing this”.
    Shut your face.

    Trying to trick me.
    If you just want me to add you on Snapchat (for free) don’t pretend like you want to buy panties. I can always tell who wants to buy panties and who doesn’t. Posers are easy to spot.

    Dick pics.
    Unless there’s some sort of physical anomaly related to your junk, I am utterly indifferent to your penis. It doesn’t affect me in any way. Also, I do not care what alcoholic beverage you’re consuming, please don’t send me pictures of your drink. 

    Getting pissed if I don’t text/email back within two minutes.
    My world doesn’t revolve around you. As much as it bruises your ego, I have likely have higher priorities.

    Taking vice to the extreme.
    If you talk about getting wasted all the time or how you bet $30,000 on a poker game, I’ll probably just walk away.


  6. Domino’s Dating Dealbreakers

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    Every single day, people ask how a girl like me can be single. This question is super fucking lame. It’s patronizing and boring. Because inevitably, people expect me to answer “Well, I dunno! I just haven’t met the right guy yet!”. Or they just assume I’m batshit crazy. I am, but not the bad kind of crazy. Truth be told, I went through a pretty painful breakup, and since then, I just haven’t met anyone that holds my interest. That’s probably because I have insanely high standards, because I know exactly what I want, and unlike the vast majority of people, I refuse to settle. Let me just say though.. I typically go for nerds. It doesn’t matter what you’re nerdy about. Engineers, doctors, scientists.. move to the front of the line.

    If you can describe yourself as any of the following or meet the following criteria, you are automatically dismissed from my dating pool, a la Singled Out circa 1997.

    A St. Louis Cardinals fan.

    You don’t want to travel, or if you do, you choose Las Vegas.
    That’s like aspiring to go to the largest Walmart in the world.

    Low libido.
    Enough said, given what I do. I need someone that can keep up.

    You use the following slang terms without using irony…
    Bogus, brah, sick, rad, bae, bromance, or any other sort of fratboy-speak.

    You can’t deal with my job.
    If my job bothers you in any way, even a little bit, it probably won’t work out.

    A churchgoing Christian.
    I don’t ever care to go to church ever again, and I’d honestly rather my significant other spend Sundays watching TV or jerking it.

    An addict
    No offense, I understand the struggle and the “illness”, but I have spent enough time around people battling addictions. I don’t want it in my to be a factor in my adult life. In my defense, most of my family are alcoholics. It’s exhausting and I don’t want to be around it.

    You dislike reading…
    Because you were “forced to read too much in college”. Fuck off. Even if you read 50 Fucking Shades of Grey, that’s better than not reading at all.

    You’re vanilla and unwilling to change.
    If you can’t fuck me like a whore, I don’t wanna fuck you. If you can’t be rough, I’ll be bored.

    Your favorite movies are any of the following…
    Anything by Judd Apatow, Fast and the Furious or Transformers… this list is endless, really. If you think of summer blockbusters as quality cinema, I’ll probably make fun of you.

    Under the age of 25.

    You’re sexually submissive.
    It just won’t work.

    Terrible sense of humor
    If you enjoy the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, I’m not the girl for you. It’s not even fun for me to make fun of you if you don’t get my subtle jabs.

    You love Linkin Park.

    You own an American vehicle.
    American cars suck. If you choose to own one, I see that as a sign of intelligence. Or lack thereof.

    You own a ridiculous vehicle, like an Audi R8 or a Porsche (without being a car nerd)

    You lack ambition.
    If you’re not working toward something, I’ll get bored.

    You don’t know how to drive.
    Unless you grew up somewhere a car wasn’t necessary, it’s a vital skill. If you can’t drive, we can’t go on road trips. Dealbreaker.

    Shitty communication skills.
    If talking about things bothers you, or if you’re one of those people that can’t deal with honesty or reality, I don’t wanna know you. Unless you’re just like Morello in Orange is the New Black, then inability to cope with reality is endearing, but still a dating dealbreaker.

    A Lawyer
    I hate the constant need to one-up each other. And I don’t like arguing about everything.

    A Professional Athlete
    Because my general consensus is that y’all expect me to fawn over you, and I’m not that kind of girl. I have too much dignity and I don’t really want you that badly.

    An Artist/Writer/Other aspiring creative type.
    Unless you’re really incredibly talented, and can support yourself with your craft, I’m not interested. Not because I don’t value what creative types do, I’ve just found that I’m more tolerant of logically minded people.



    I could seriously go on for days, but this list is pretty long. If I remember any other major dealbreakers, I’ll be sure to add them.



  7. All-Girl Gangbang Pics Now Available!

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    UPDATE: Here is a link to the video! 

    So, the last few weeks I’ve been traveling a lot. I made my way to Denver, where I met up with Briana Lee and Amber Hahn. Long story short, we ended up in a daisy chain and Amber had a ton of fun wearing her strap-on! The videos will be available soon, but for now, there are four photo sets (50+ photos in each set) available for purchase. If you’d like to buy them, contact me at or check out my Clips4Sale image store!

    In the videos, I get dominated and taken advantage of by both Amber and Briana! Here’s a sneak peek!


  8. My Diet & Workout Regimen

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    Since January of 2014, I’ve been on a mission to look super fit and trim down my body fat. I still have a long way to go, but lately I’ve made great strides. Since everyone asks how I’ve trimmed down so much, I figured I’d post about it. Warning: This post will probably be boring for many.

    First and foremost, I made lifestyle changes. I’ve never been a drinker, so cutting out alcohol wasn’t an issue for me. I don’t smoke, either. I stopped eating most refined sugars, including candy and soda. For the most part, I’ve cut out bread and dairy, but only because I’ve found that works best for me personally. It’s not necessary for everyone. As far as supplements, I take C4 as a preworkout (Thanks David Herro!) and I make my own smoothies with whey protein.

    I try to eat as simply as possible. Apples or bananas with peanut butter, raw (or steamed) broccoli and cauliflower, plain water, Greek yogurt or Icelandic skyr, and baby kale. For meats, I tend to opt for lean cuts of beef, chicken breast, salmon (without skin), and shaved turkey breast. Quinoa and brown rice make good sides and you can buy them precooked if you’re really lazy. For breakfast, I usually stick to eggs and fruit, sometimes yogurt. If I want cereal, I go for something mueslix-like.

    I also dedicate about one hour a day to working out, usually five to six days a week. If you really want to lean down, don’t just do cardio. Do pilates or weight training, or even Crossfit. Poledancing is a great way to do strength training, too. Just avoid pole studio classes, because you can get more benefit from buying an X-Pole on Amazon and watching YouTube tutorials.


  9. Word Wednesday – Pokies

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    Reddit enlightened me to the term “pokies”. If you’re a Redditor that loves niprock, check out /r/pokies. If you can’t click on that NSFW link, and you have an IQ of 100 or higher, you’re probably able to deduce that pokies are nipples that poke through clothing.