Fetish Friday – Trashbagging/Garbage Fetish

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I had never heard of this until I randomly came across a blog on Google. I’m not even sure what I was searching for.

Just as it sounds, some people are extremely aroused by garbage. Like any fetish, the details vary widely person to person. Some people really enjoy messy, decaying food garbage while the writer of the blog I discovered is only interested in recyclables and paper. In short, the writer of this particular blog enjoyed sleeping next to bags full of garbage, wearing garbage, and fantasizing about becoming garbage himself. In fact, it seems like most trashcan fetishists are most turned on by becoming garbage or being thrown away.

Other fetishists are more aroused by trashbags themselves. They may enjoy the slippery plastic on their skin. I’ve always liked the smell of black garbage bags. It doesn’t arouse me, but I enjoy the smell of new things, like Barbie dolls. I wonder how they liked the Missy Elliot video for The Rain. Anyways, some fetishists love lying in dumpsters or imagining such. These fetishes can be extensions of several other fetishes, like breath play (If the garbage bag is used to asphyxiate), sploshing, or even the latex fetish. I don’t know of any garbage fetishists, but if you’re reading this, I’d appreciate some insight as to whether a person wishing to be human garbage enjoys humiliation and objectification as a sexual fetish.

I’ve read a few other blogs about people that have found neighbors rummaging through their apartment building’s dumpster. It seems as though the people that witnessed dumpster divers (I’m not sure if that’s an offensive term, forgive me if it is) are offended by their trash being rooted though. I don’t understand why they’d be so possessive over the things they threw away, but whatever…

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Trash Bag Dress by Riyoki Sakimori