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Why I’m Getting a Boob Job

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Let me start off by saying that until recently, I was very against getting a breast augmentation. I was quite happy with my boobs until a couple months ago.

I was a respectable B cup up until a few years ago. That changed when I got pregnant with my son. Naturally, my boobs got huge. I grew to a small D cup, and once I started breastfeeding, I was a DD. I loved having huge tits, and I’m sure passersby didn’t mind, either. They were heavy and full and they looked great on me. Once I weaned my son, they decreased in size slightly, but I was still a large C cup by the time I stopped breastfeeding completely. I was pretty happy with this.

Recently, I got sick and lost about 10-12 pounds. Unfortunately, a lot of that came off my hips and my boobs. Now they seem kind of flat to me, at least on the top. I’d like for them to be fuller like they were when I was breastfeeding. I’m not looking to go much bigger, I just want the skin that I have to be filled out a little more. I don’t want them to be plasticky and round and fake looking, I just want them to look naturally large. Again, the way they looked when I was breastfeeding.

I appreciate everyone saying that my boobs look great, but I want to do it for me and my happiness. I’m not doing this to please my fans or any partners, just myself.

I’m about $3,000 away from my goal of $6,600. If you’d like to contribute to my boob fund, you can do so by sending me money via Paypal or WePay. For Paypal, please just select one of the options from the drop-down box. If you’d like to contribute a different amount, please email me I’m very grateful for every donation I get, and rest assured that if you contribute, I will spoil you as a thank you! Of course, all contributors get before and after photos of my breasts. Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far!

Here are after and before pictures, respectively. Sorry about the gore – I was shooting a horror movie. It’s just corn syrup and Kool-Aid.