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I'm a stripper, phone sex operator, and webcam model. I'm pansexual, submissive, and perverted. I'm not your average female. Imagine Wednesday Addams, Daria, Liz Lemon, and Darlene Conner had an orgy. I'm the result.

I mainly write about the sex industry, sexual fetishes, and occasionally, my personal life. Wanna know more about me? Keep coming back!

  1. Fetish Friday – Katoptronophilia

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    Yeah, I can pronounce it, either. I couldn’t even guess what it is if you put the word in front of me. But anyway, katopronophilia is a fancy fucking word for saying you like to fuck in front of mirrors.

    I have to assume that Louis XIV was a katopronophiliac. For all you uncultured people that have no idea what I’m talking about, this guy built an entire hallway out of mirrors in his palace at Versailles. It’s called the Hall of Mirrors.

    My personal opinion on this is that it’s easier for people to feel as though they are watching or in porn by having mirrors around during sex. Being a narcissist myself, I also know that some people get off on looking at themselves. Like Patrick Bateman. Chances are, if you’re doing this during sex, you have a problem.


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  2. Word Wednesday – Saddlebacking

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    Dan Savage coined the term “saddlebacking” in Savage Love after the whole “saving my virginity for marriage” debacle by modern day Christian Crusaders. The actual act of saddlebacking is simply anal sex instead of vaginal. Just like Lip’s obsessive Asian girlfriend in the American version of the show “Shameless”.

  3. Spice Up Your Cam Show with a Sex Toy

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    Finding the right sex toy or toys to use during cam modeling takes a lot of trial and error. From cheap rubber that smells and tastes foul to material that irritates your nether regions, the wrong adult toys and dildos can be detrimental to your show and well-being. Besides uncomfortable toys, colorful ones may also be bad for your business. The reason being that your viewers would rather watch you use flesh-colored, realistic-looking dildos so they can more easily get into the fantasy that it is a real cock, most likely theirs, penetrating your orifices.

    Don’t know what kinds of toys would work best in your show? Here are a few toys that are worth the investment.


    The most commonly thought of sex toy, vibrators are one of the adult product industry’s top-sellers because of their ease of use and effectiveness. They come in a variety of forms, from small bullets to Rabbits. The hands-free and remote-control options make some of them the go-to toy for web cam shows.

    In terms of stimulation, you must decide whether you’re looking for clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Because of their phallic shape, the Rabbit vibrator and its many knock offs provide stimulation of both, giving you many options for a full-on experience. The wide variety of Rabbits out there provide you with the ability to stimulate wherever you’d like. Bullet vibrators, on the other hand, are typically small, egg-shaped, and made just for the clitoral stimulation. While Rabbits do offer vaginal stimulation, you’re only getting exactly that kind of feel because these vibrators are not ergonomically designed to hit the g-spot.

    If your show must include the ever elusive g-spot orgasm, it’s recommended that you opt for a device that can make that happen. Similar to the Rabbit when it comes to shape, g-spot vibrators tend to have a thinner, curved shaft as well as a larger tip. This is because your g-spot typically lives about three inches up on the vaginal wall’s upper side. Also, curving the toy and adding a wider tip makes g-spot stimulation much easier to achieve.

    What’s more, vibrators don’t usually need helping hands, making it easier if you’re filming with your iPhone or other mobile device. Depending on what kind of orgasm you want to feature on your show, a vibrator is the perfect inclusion to your cam show.


    Dildos are phallic shaped, motionless vibrators. In short, they look like a mold of a penis and require you to do the work, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as some of your viewers will enjoy your more active shows. Dildos come in a variety of materials like jelly, plastic, silicone, metal and glass, giving you options. According to Adam & Eve, the glass approach might be your best bet because “they provide the user with so many diverse options including temperature play, easy care and extreme durability.” You see, the glass options are non-porous, which means it doesn’t collect bacteria and holds lube well. They’re also easy to clean and, most importantly, feel great. A dildo is a good route to go if you’re just looking to have simple vaginal stimulation during a show. These couple well with a little hand action, too, makin
    g them perfect for fans who love to watch you use your hands.

  4. Word Wednesday – SD/SB

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    SD/SB is shorthand for Sugardaddy/Sugarbaby. A SD/SB relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. It can be different than escorting, but some people do exchange sex for money, whether it’s through a monthly allowance or “pay for play”. Traditionally, the sugardaddy is a wealthy older male, usually married, that is looking for a younger, pretty woman to spend time with. This may include sex, traveling, dinner, formal events, or just about anything else. Personally, I won’t exchange sex for money under any circumstances, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. In my opinion, a lot of would-be “sugardaddies” are not necessarily looking for a “relationship” but an on-call escort. There are a few whales out there, though!

    If you are looking for this type of relationship, there are a few sites out there to try. SeekingArrangement, ArrangementFinders, and SugarDaddieForMe. I won’t link them, as they’re easy enough to find via Google. Note that if you’re a camgirl, escort, stripper, or any other type of sex worker, you run the risk of getting kicked off SeekingArrangement if you sign up. I had an account there that was totally separate from my professional life, and they still kicked me off, despite asking me to publicly endorse them. Their loss, I guess.


  5. Why I Became a Stripper

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    Nine times out of ten, the first thing people ask me when they find out I’m a stripper is why I started. The Cliff’s Notes are that I hated my job. Actually, I hated the company I worked for.

    Like many of you, I worked in cubicle hell from 8-5 every day. I worked for a Fortune 500 company in the marketing/sales department selling a product that no one wanted to buy in a soft economy. Or maybe it’s just that no one wanted to buy it, period, because it was a POS. We were selling a product that boasted efficiency, yet this company ran their business in the least efficient way possible.

    I hated my boss, like so many people. It was getting more difficult to hide my contempt for the assholes in charge. There were no consistent rules within this company, and some people were allowed luxuries (such as more vacation time) while others weren’t. I guess I just snapped one day after I came back from a long weekend to some bitchy emails from a coworker. I handed in my resignation with no idea what I was going to do next.

    I’ve always been a very sexual person, so I decided to look into the adult industry, mainly the local strip clubs. I auditioned at Outer Limits in Madison, Wisconsin. I started there at the end of January 2010. I fell in love with it right away. I loved that I could work three days a week and make more than what I did slaving away in cubicle hell. I loved that I could take off whenever I wanted to without having to explain why. I loved that if I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t have to go in. I loved being able to wear whatever makeup and clothing (or lack thereof) I wanted. I love, love, love being able to do whatever the fuck I want with my hair. The only downside to being a stripper is the sore joints and bruises and the occasional douchebag. Otherwise, I love my job. My only regret is not starting earlier.

    In May 2010, I broke my wrist (for the third time in my life) and was unable to strip for a while. I decided to start camming since I obviously couldn’t strip without looking clumsy. Now, I find a happy medium by dancing more in the summertime and camming in the winter. This suits my compulsive movie watching habit quite well.



  6. Surgery Tomorrow.. Again

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    The past few months, I’ve been having some issue with one of my implants. It’s to the point where I can no longer ignore or treat it without surgery. It’s called capsular contracture. Basically, my body is forming scar tissue around one of my implants.. from what they can tell without surgery. I’m fairly certain it has more to do with the fact that I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, because in my situation, the surgeon has only see it one other time. They have to put a skin graft in before the implant, which cost me nearly $1,000. It fucking sucks.

    Anyway, I may try to go a little bigger. depending on the situation. My surgery is at noon tomorrow. Needless to say, my trip to Vegas may not happen, and it’s unlikely I will be available for cam shows or dancing for at least a month. If you’ve bought a show in the last week, and you’d like a refund, send me an email. I’m hoping to be back to Chubby’s and/or Silk by the beginning of May.

    If you’re feeling generous and you’d like to donate to my temporary lack of income.. send a GiftRocket my way.

  7. Shoot with Mando Photography

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    Last week, I shot with Mando Photography. These are some of the amazing shots we got. If you’d like to check out his other work, check his website. He was awesome to work with! Enjoy!

  8. Fetish Friday – Bagpiping

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    Not to be confused with the playing of the Scottish musical instrument, bagpiping is the slang term for armpit sex.

    Here’s the gist: Some people like hairy armpits. Hair holds in our natural scents and pheromones, and smell is a huge part of the armpit fetish. To go off on a brief tangent, I’d like to add that smell is a factor that is far underrated when it comes to human relationships. If I go on a date with someone and he or she goes in to kiss or hug me, and their natural smell isn’t attractive, that will be the only date there is.

    Some people don’t like hair. It’s the same with pubes. While some may enjoy kissing, sucking, licking, and sniffing peoples’ armpits, some dudes may enjoy the act of actually fucking their partner’s armpit. Everyone’s different, as with any fetish.

    Tickling may play a role for some people, too. If you’re an avid reader, you recall the recent Fetish Friday post I wrote about the tickle fetish. I’ve been dancing for over four years, and I’ve found that I make the most money when I wear no deodorant or natural, unscented deodorant, so I really do think there is something to the pheromone theory. I’m not a smelly girl though – I can work out hard or not shower for several days without smelling too rank.

    Armpit fucking can cause some problems in relationships, though. The same goes for any fetish, especially when one partner has a very strong attraction to one part of the body. For instance, if a guy has a foot fetish, I’d feel pretty shitty if all he ever wanted to do was lick my toes and jerk off on my feet and have my give him footjobs. If a guy gets too used to fucking an armpit, he may alienate his partner and desensitize his wang to vaginal intercourse. The moral of the story is that if you have an armpit fetish, don’t overdo it, dudes. And ladies.

    If you’re looking for armpit fetish clips, check out Jaana Ruutu’s Clips4Sale store!

  9. An Open Letter to Front Row Amy

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    NOTE: This post is not meant to be mean-spirited. It’s honest. I’m sex-positive, and I believe in totally owning your sexuality. The only thing I take issue with is pretending we are not sexual beings as humans, and attributing those feelings and actions to something else. In this case, opportunistically using your Brewers fandom to gain attention. Hell, I use my love of the Brewers to gain attention. There’s nothing wrong with that! Just be honest that you love the attention, just like Morganna the Kissing Bandit did!

    If you’re from Milwaukee and you’re a Brewers fan, chances are you’re familiar with “Front Row Amy”. I’m a huge fan of the Brewers, but I’m not a huge fan of posers. So here’s my parody photos. I’m posing. What do y’all think?

    If you choose to sit in the front row behind home plate wearing a low cut tank top and a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra (for you guys out there, these are bras that add 2 cup sizes via heavy padding), please don’t claim you’re not out for attention. I’m all in favor of women owning their sexuality and showing off what they’re proud of. But seriously, be honest with yourself. I’m an attention whore (that’s how I make my living) but at least I admit it. So my message to you, Amy Williams: please, be honest with yourself. If you’re selling your own t-shirts on your website for $20, and you really love showing off your B cups, maybe you should consider a career at Silk Exotic or Beansnappers. I’m sure Jon would love to have you as a feature dancer, and I’m sure the 18 year old guys that play for the Timber Rattlers would gladly throw $20′s at you all night. Embrace your true self.

    (Click the Title Post for Photo Gallery)

    All photos taken by Mando Photography!